illinois income tax rate

States levy taxes to help fund the variety of services provided by state governments. Tax collections comprise approximately 40 percent of the states’ total revenues. The rest comes from non-tax sources, such as intergovernmental aid (e.g., federal funds), lottery revenues and fees. The illinois income tax rate primary types of taxes levied by state governments include personal income tax, general sales tax, excise taxes and corporate income tax. As discussed here, the enacted plan reduced the local government share to $100 million from $237 million in Governor Pritzker’s initial proposal.

illinois income tax rate

Illinois has an estate tax with a $4 million exemption. – We regularly check for any updates to the latest tax rates and regulations.

Illinois Property Tax

On January 28, 2019, Senator Don Harmon introduced a joint resolution that would propose a constitutional amendment allowing the Illinois government to change from a flat tax rate to a graduated rate. The resolution was approved in the Senate by a 36–22 vote on May 1 and by the House by a 73–44 vote on May 27. The resolution received two votes more than the 71 votes needed to pass in the House, in what the Chicago Tribune called a “historic vote”. The passage of the resolution placed the proposed amendment on the ballot in the next general election on November 3, 2020. To pass, it requires 60% of the votes on the ballot measure itself, or a simple majority of all of those voting in the election.

  • In 2010, property taxes accounted for 75 percent of the tax revenues collected by local government entities (such as cities, counties, school districts, etc.).
  • For single taxpayers with more than $750,000 of net income and joint filers with more than $1 million, the tax rate becomes a flat 7.99%.
  • Property taxes comprise the lion’s share of local government revenues.
  • State teachers’ pension payments have grown 225% since 2000, now consuming 39 cents of every K-12 education dollar spent by the state in 2022.
  • provides free access to tax rates, calculators, and more.

As the value of a home increases, the property tax burden goes up. His wealth tax would work the same way, but it would apply only to the financial assets of those worth $1 billion or more. Ideas Illinois is an opponent of the graduated income tax proposal and commissioned the poll as part of its inquiry into the effectiveness of its campaigning against the proposal.

The Earned Income Credit

In fiscal year 2015, Illinois’ business tax climate was ranked 31st in the nation. The table below provides scores and rankings for Illinois and neighboring states. These rates are based on local legislation and can change at any time. Always consult a tax professional if you are unsure about your obligations. If calculating payroll taxes ever starts to feel like a burden, you might want to review our list of signs it’s time to outsource your payroll. You’re the boss of your business, and now you’re the boss of payroll!

What is the Illinois income tax rate for 2022?

Illinois Tax Rates, Collections, and Burdens

Illinois has a flat 4.95 percent individual income tax rate.

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