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Companies must record the expense for the utilities even if the cash for the bill is paid in the next period. As a result, the cash basis may not recognize revenue in the period that a performance obligation is satisfied. Describe the nature and purpose of an adjusted trial balance. Entry records USD 1,000 of unbilled training services performed in December. Entry records USD 750 depreciation expense on the trucks for the month. MicroTrain acquired the trucks at the beginning of December. Entry records the expiration of USD 200 of prepaid insurance in December.

What is the adjusted trial balance used to prepare?

The purpose of the adjusted trial balance is to ensure that the financial statements are accurate. The adjusted trial balance is used as a tool to prepare the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.

Revenue ($10,000) and the adjusting entry for accrued revenue ($200). Use Louis Vuitton’s 2019 consolidated financial statements to answer the following questions. Instead, under GAAP income refers to the net difference between revenues and expenses. Revenue recognition principle required by GAAP that is used in this text is similar to that used under IFRS. Similar to GAAP, cash-basis accounting is not in accordance with IFRS.

Nature of Business

________ The practice of Part A: Analyze, Record & Post Adjusting Entries, Prepare Adjusted Trial Balance financial statements at regular intervals. Record transactions on accrual basis; convert revenue to cash receipts. Prepare adjusting entries from analysis of trial balances. For each situation, prepare the journal entry to record the subsequent cash transaction in 2023.


Since KLO has not yet paid salaries for this time period, the business owes the employees this money. Salaries Payable increases for $5000. The other half of the service is not provided yet so the revenue cannot be recognised yet. However as the customer has agreed to pay $3000 for the whole app (i.e. service), there is an outstanding receivable of $1500 ($3000-$1500). Receivable is an asset, increases for $1500. Note that the customer has not paid the $3000 yet thus there is no impact on cash.

Adjusted Trial Balance Example

Under the periodic inventory method, we do not record any purchase or sales transactions directly into the inventory account. The unadjusted trial balance for inventory represents last period’s ending balance and includes nothing from the current period. We have not record any cost of goods sold during the period either. We will use the physical inventory count as our ending inventory balance and use this to calculate the amount of the adjustment needed.

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Free spreadsheet programs are also available from such as Google and Zoho. Note that the ending retained earnings amount determined in the Statement of Retained Earnings columns appears again as a credit in the Balance Sheet columns.

Step 2: Enter adjusting journal entries

These records are raw financial information that needs to be entered into your accounting system to be translated into something useful. Use the unadjusted trial balance, only adding the adjusting entries to the accounts that are affected by the adjustments. Although this method is arguably the easiest, it can only apply to small businesses with few adjusting entries.

The difference between the unadjusted balance in the Supplies account and the actual cost of supplies on hand represents the supplies used for that period. Companies record revenues when they receive cash and record expenses when they pay out cash.

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